Local authorities, housing associations and developers, all need to connect to the pulse of people more.

We can help you create real value and improve the health and wellbeing within communities. It can build positive relationship within the area you operate in.
Our kickboxing programmes help tackle inequalities which affect vulnerable residents. They can have problems accessing the social, physical, and mental health benefits of an active lifestyle.

Inactivity, obesity and anti-social behaviour are a few of the social issues that affect communities.

We believe in kickboxing can greatly improve the physical and mental state of residents. It can promote active citizenship, increase confidence and widen future expectations.

Our non-contact kickboxing programmes are developed by experienced kickboxing coaches and taught by qualified instructors.

What are the physical and mental benefits?

• Relieves stress and improves mental health
• Social activity that’s a great way to connect with other people
• Increases flexibility
• Weight loss
• Improves coordination and muscular balance

What else do participants gain?

• Improves confidence
• Gets inactive people moving
• Helps develop community
• Introduces a new sport
• Deters away from crime and anti-social behaviour